Dear Customers,
We want to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and encouragement over the course of our journey. It's because of your care that so many adorable dolls are born into this world, travelling around the globe. To promote the birth of more dolls, we decide to offer Consignment Sales Services on our website. Doll enthusiasts are welcome to contact us for further information.

【Who Can Inquire about Consignment Sales?】
(1)Individuals who have successfully created doll samples or designs and wish to showcase their dolls to a wider audience by selling them on our website. We can assist in boosting doll visibility.
(2)A group of people who are eager to acquire the doll featuring a specific character but cannot find it, wishing to do a group purchase for this doll. We can assist in customizing this doll.

【How to Contact US 】

【Email Format】
(1)For those who have already created doll samples: Please specify which character the doll is based on, along with the doll pictures.
(2)For those interested in a group purchase of a specific doll: Please provide the number of people interested in the group purchase, along with the doll's design you'd like to sample. If there is no design, please specify which character you want to use as a prototype for customizing the doll