The Birth Process of a Plushies Doll

Step1   Suggestions for Doll Characters

If you're looking for a doll based on a specific character, but couldn't find it on our website. Please feel free to share your suggestions to our email:


 Step 2 Interest Check for Dolls&Clothes

We will start an interest check on our website for the character you suggested. If you're interested in this doll, you can purchase a $5 deposit, which will allow you to get a $10 discount coupon for the full payment for this doll in the future. We will begin designing the doll if there are 30 deposit orders within 3 months. If the deposit orders do not reach 30 for a long time, we will cancel the production plan and refund all deposit orders.


 Step 3 Preorders for Doll Designs

We will create a full payment purchase link with doll design while customers who purchase the deposit will receive a $10 coupon by mail . If we can receive 30 orders within two months ,then we will start making the doll sample . If not, we will cancel the doll production plans and refund all orders.


Ps.If you have any doll design that you want to cooperate with us, please feel free to contact our email, but we cannot guarantee that your design will be used for sample production.


 Step 4  Doll Sample Making and Modification 

We'll post the progress of each sample on Instagram@plushwonderland_official,twitter@WonderlandPlush, and discord group. You are free to share your opinions on the modifications to the sample. Each sample will take 1-2 months to make. If the doll sample is modified too many times, the production will be delayed. So we will not make more than three versions of the sample.


 Step 5 The Doll Product Images

After the final sample is confirmed, we will take the pictures of the dolls. Then we will update the  Doll Product Images of the final version on the website.


 Step 6  Doll Promotion and Advertising.

We will hold Plushie Give Away on Instagram and Twitter. After two weeks of advertising, we will confirm the final production quantity according to the orders. If the order quantity does not reach 50, the production may be canceled.


Step 7  Doll Production and Delivery

The production of one doll usually takes three months. We will update the shipping time on the product page based on the production time provided by the factory. 



 1.As long as your order is unshipped, you can ask for a refund at any time. Please send  us your order number and your requirements our email:

 2.Each doll has the possibility of being sold out and no longer available for order. After the first batch sold out, if there are not enough orders to proceed with the next batch, then the doll won’t be for sale any more.

3.The above steps and rules apply to the doll clothes too.

 4.The above rules do not apply to fans’ CONSIGNMENT SALES plushies and those plushies that we collaborate with artists.